Our Mission

To serve the Trampoline and Adventure Park industry by facilitating the development and management of educational programs, remote learning courses, educational newsletters, training manuals or other materials to include, but not limited to, operational safety, risk management, and programs for owners, operators, staff, inspectors, management, and others associated with Trampoline and Adventure Parks worldwide.

To evaluate the state of the industry as it applies to optimal safety and customer care, patron education, and all other aspects of a safe operation of Trampoline and Adventure Parks.

To facilitate ongoing research and evaluate industry standards in order to modify and adapt educational services and goods offered.

AAI Board of Directors


Luke Shaheen, Apex Active Entertainment

Vice Chair

Gina Elliott, Altitude


Erin Davis, Big Air USA


Tracy Sarris Braddock, INOVA Management Solution


AAI Board Members

Luke Shaheen, Apex Active Entertainment
Suzy Wolfe Jewell - Trampolines Unlimited
Sheryl Bindleglass - Sheryl Golf
Erin Davis - Big Air USA
Angel de Guzman - AJ Playgrounds
Gina Elliott - Altitude

Management Staff

CEO - Tracy Sarris Braddock, INOVA Management Solutions
IATP EVP - Sarah DiCello, INOVA Management Solutions